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money accessible to an exchange
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WebMoney : 
WebMoney : 
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PayPal : 
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Skrill : 
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34424+ WMZ
728822+ WMR
4824+ WME
12036+ USD
4735+ EUR
4890+ USD
3595+ EUR
323542+ RUB
253938+ RUB
2153+ USD
5340+ EUR
9605+ USD
1877+ EUR
878+ USD
742+ EUR
922+ USD
33199+ RUB
Currencies such as PayPal/Skrill GBP,
AUD and the others: see F.A.Q.
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Welcome to!

  On our site you can exchange electronic currencies WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, YandexMoney, QiWi, PerfectMoney, OKPAY and Z-Payment by profitable rates.

  We can help to exchange money received from sponsors and employers, pay for services and goods at EBay, online shops etc.
  Discounts till 22% for constant clients.

  For directions PayPal -> WebMoney and Skrill -> WebMoney exchange orders are welcomed from owners of personal and higher passports of WebMoney or passports with BL (business level) more than 25, also on the recommendation of our old clients.
  There is no limit in the other directions.

  The minimum commission for any direction: 5 USD or 300 RUB.

  We work in the field of electronic currency exchange since 2007.
  Our WebMoney Business Level: more 1450 (the passport of merchant).
  We are always open for business proposals, cooperation and partnership!

  If you have any questions after reading the terms and FAQ, feel free to contact our consultants via ICQ/skype or send a letter to e-mail.

  Have you learned all information already and prepared to exchange? – Make the order and we start considering it as soon as possible.

We appreciate every client! And it is the law for us!
With best wishes, Team of
some exchange rates
AdvCash EUR
AdvCash RUB
AdvCash USD
LavaPay USD
PayPal EUR
PayPal RUB
PayPal USD
PerfectMoney EUR
PerfectMoney USD
Skrill EUR
Skrill USD
WebMoney EUR
WebMoney RUB
WebMoney USD
YandexMoney RUB
Z-Payment RUB
% Reveive
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1 USD -> 64.7 RUB or 0.863 EUR
1 EUR -> 1.08 USD or 72.41 RUB
1 USD -> 0.863 EUR
71.9 RUB -> 1 USD
80.6 RUB -> 1 EUR
short info Orders acceptance: automatically
and only via website
Processing: 9:00-24:00 MSK.
Exchange term: 0-24 hrs.

Terms and F.A.Q.
contact us ICQ: 444840968 consultant's ICQ status, Skype: (Karina, consultant #1)
ICQ: 206460545 consultant's ICQ status, Skype: exchangex.ru2 (Daniel, consultant #2)
Do not make the exchanges via Skype, beware of scams!
ICQ: 751558 administrator's ICQ status (Alexander, administrator)
E-Mail: , phone: only for major clients
Affiliate program of ExchangeX
Certified OKPAY partner

Our WebMoney ID 687408836403 there
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